One of my hobbies is figuring out modern things to do with older computers, like web browsing and games. You may be surprised by the amount of activity in the PowerPC ecosystem in 2021, thanks to IBM, system builders like Raptor Computing Systems, and enthusiasts, including a group that’s pooling their money to build a new open source PowerPC-based notebook.

Back in Feb. 2012, I bought a used Power Mac G5 Quad from eBay, which had been built in 2006, at the very end of Apple’s PowerPC to Intel transition. I then upgraded it to 16GB ECC RAM (the memory…

I have one more prediction about Bitcoin before I post my next essay about the state of Android and cross-platform GUI development.

Stock photo of Bitcoin coins in front of a rising stock ticker.
Stock photo of Bitcoin coins in front of a rising stock ticker.

I recently learned about George Soros’s theory of reflexivity which explains so much about how markets often become detached from reality when pricing a new asset. At first there’s a slow buildup of hype and excitement that spurs further investment and price rises. But if the asset is actually fundamentally overpriced and the market collectively realizes this, then the psychological feedback loop in the other direction is usually much faster. …

I wanted to write a followup to my negative posts about Bitcoin because I have discovered that there is a positive side to cryptocurrency tech, although it took until very recently to evolve and brings risks of its own.

I’m talking about the transition from electricity-wasting Proof-of-Work (PoW) to the collective trust schemes based around Proof-of-Stake (PoS), with the Ethereum 2.0 transition being one of the best examples of a thoughtful migration path away from the catastrophic diminishing returns of the economics of PoW cryptocurrency mining.

Ethereum 1.0 is already not worth investing in, because of the cost mechanics of…

Bill Gates didn’t get rich by telling anyone who would listen to him to buy Microsoft shares and that anyone who didn’t buy now before it goes up was a dimwitted Luddite who just didn’t “get it” and should “enjoy being poor!”

Neither did any of the other monopolists we love to hate. Very interesting.

I’ve noticed that MLMs and other get rich quick schemes that are either illegal, immoral, unethical, or otherwise antisocial, seem to have a few red flags that we see over and over again:

  • get in on the ground floor
  • gain financial freedom
  • build generational wealth

I’m a solution-oriented person, so I figured out a way to take care of the collective damage to our planet that we’re causing by chasing crypto tokens for greed. I think the solution will need to be along these lines, before we destroy our societies through depletion of the world’s energy resources.

I just came up with one plan to wind the markets down, but it’s going to cost $500 billion and will reward the current miners, which I would prefer to avoid. But I think it could wind down the entire cryptocurrency market in an orderly fashion, so as…

This essay was inspired by a tweet praising NFTs for being somehow beneficial to women’s sports. That claim made me so angry that I wrote a thread about why NFTs and cryptocurrency in general are wrong, stupid, and the opposite of reality. Here’s a lightly-edited version in proper essay form.

Here’s why this logic is wrong and stupid, and only a rich CEO could believe that this nonsense is sustainable. An NFT represents nothing, legally. In theory, it works like described on the Ethereum page: In practice, what did you actually buy? Nothing.

Crypto nerds want to believe we don’t…

I haven’t been feeling good about myself or the world for over a year, so I haven’t been in the mood to write.

The “Q Web”, by Dylan Louis Monroe
The “Q Web”, by Dylan Louis Monroe

I’ve been fascinated by conspiracy theories, true and false, and over the years I’ve read quite a number of them. Unfortunately, in these strange times, many people have spent far too much of their time “going down rabbit holes” and sharing unreliable information.

There’s a great French word for the collection of Internet sites that spread this sort of misinformation: la complosphère, which I’ve translated as the Conspirosphere.

The Conspirosphere is the collection of Internet sites which copy lurid allegations that are unverified and mostly false. Truly “fake news”.

Sadly, some people believe that when something is “in print”, such…

I didn’t quit Twitter. In fact, I’ve been more active there than anywhere else. I’m going to write more about my hobbyist Android and NetBSD/vax projects here soon. Stay tuned!

I finally figured out the exact qualities that I dislike about Twitter, and I want to describe how the decision to make my collection of 351,000 tweets private, uninstall the mobile app, and stop using the service on a daily basis, felt so worthwhile and consequential after I did.

I felt like my daily Twitter usage had become a bad habit that was slowly killing me, similar to an addiction to cigarettes or alcohol, except that unlike those drugs, the damage to my physical health was limited to a relative lack of physical exercise, while the real damage was caused…

Jake Hamby

I'm a software engineer in the Los Angeles area specializing in mobile applications and embedded systems.

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