Here are some topics I plan to write about. My most recent Medium post was kind of a bummer and I want to write about some serious topics not related to the tech industry necessarily.

I don’t want to write too much on each topic initially, but try to sketch out my views briefly for each, based on Twitter discussions/debates/rants and other ideas that I’ve had.

  • Violence/War/Terrorism/Nuclear War
  • Climate Change & Environmental Policy
  • Economics & Fiscal Policy (US Edition)
  • Consumerism as Hypnosis or Zombieism
  • Republicans: Tea Party / Trump Wings
  • Republicans: Nixon / FOX News Wings
  • Professional Software Engineering
  • History of Mobile Devices & Apps
  • Alternative Medicine and anti-Science

Feel free to vote for any of the above topics, or add your own suggestions in comments below.

I'm a software engineer in the Los Angeles area specializing in mobile applications and embedded systems.

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